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E-mail received from Marco Lavagnini while he was at Pitti Filati. 7th July 2012

Makes an interesting read;

My Dear Friends,
Due to actual general situation my expectations for this Pitti was not so great but already after the first three meetings I had to reconsider my mood as most of exhibitors was in a good almost excited mood.

This winter edition has been planty of visitors from several countries: Europeans far better understanding what spinners are presenting and Americans attraccted from the weak Euro, which is allowing interesting  made in Italy yarns quotations for them.

Collections has been presented in bright and natural colours , and a good percentage of the presentation was of fancy items in heavy stitches for knitwear in natural fibers blend ( alpaca mohair wool cashmere ) to go on the heavy gauge 3/5/7 and this will mean fancy rustic trend with many natural fibers as wool alpaca llama camel etc etc, which will be
mainly blended with acrylic for helipng yarn price.

For the same reason the pure cashmere items will be less , as blended with wool or other fibers.

Price. Price seems the matter for fighting at best this crysi, unless we talk of the highest luxury niches of the market where full quality will be a must for achieving highest standard requested.

The coming season is still unknown for what concerns volumes, but natural fibers will be definitely present.

South American wools will be usefulf for fancy blends.
Finest 16,5 and 17,5 in both tops and OT will be usefull to be blended with cashmere 19,5/21,5 in both tops and OT will be used for classic knitwear items .

Best wxw top as usual And may be Afghan top to be blended in the most noble fancy items ...

For the rest untill €uroland keeps being in such a difficulty and € devaluates, we will have more chances of increasing the productions in Italy, of course we do not expect huge volumes running, cause all of us well understand that all countries are suffering contractions in consumptions..

I wish a good w/e to all of you.
Marco Lavagnini

Below is Marco and Murray at Hillcreston in 2011



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