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Stud Sires

Hillcreston blood lines have been bred from the following bloodlines over many years.


Stud References:


Erwin 4th (Ex Valleyfield, Tasmania)

Hillcreston Stud Ewe


Super Snowy

Star Snowy (Ex Merryville, NSW)

Hillcreston Stud Ewe



Erwin 4th (Ex Valleyfield, Tasmania) Pictured - current Jackpot leading sire

Hillcreston stud ewe                                                                                                                                                                                            


(Son) : Stud 425 ram at 2011 Annual sale

425 (Ex Winton, Tasmania)

Hillcreston Stud Ewe




Lord Andrew


Lord Andrew (Ex Valleyfield, Tasmania)

(Bred by Strean Salh) 

Hillcreston Stud Ewe



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