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Hillcreston specialise in the production of superfine wool. The aim of Hillcreston principles is to breed traditional stylish soft wool that will perform to mill requirements while increasing wool weights and keeping the soundness, structure and constitution that Hillcreston sheep possess.

The micron ranges from a low of 11.6 mic Laser Scan (Achieved in 2008) fom housed sheep and 13.0 mic – 17.5 mic for paddock grown wool.

Hillcreston has sold well over 50 1PP bales over the past 10 years. The stud consistently tops the wool market at sales in Goulburn & now in Sydney.

A couple of the most outstanding achievements include the Australian mainland record for paddock grown wool, which stands at 110,000c per kg and the 11.6mic bale sold to Raymonds of India for 269,000c per Kg.

Many mainland records have been achieved over many years as well as 4 world records. 

Stud ewes on Hillcreston average 16.6 mic and grow traditional (Ausfine) type wool. 

The Hillcreston group uses the “Ausfine” classing and branding system with all wool branded and classed as “Ausfine”

Hillcreston is a family owned and run business, the ethical treatment and sheep husbandry is always at the forefront of the business.

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