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Hillcreston has a long tradition of growing superfine and ultra fine wool.

The sheep on Hillcreston while originating from the saxon bloodlines have evolved into a bigger sheep with heavier cuts.

The aim of stud principals have always been to keep the traditional type wool (Ausfine) that is used to make the luxury next to skin knitwear and suiting for the elite companies around the world.

The stud vary rarely intoduces new genetics. Starting with Saxon bloodlines from the foundation of the stud, Merryville stud Snowy rams were introduced in 1950.

In the early 70's rams from Tasmania were introduced. These included the Lord Andrew family and 425 family.

While breeding of Hillcreston sheep can become very involved the breeding programme can be probably explained as simply as described below.

While several other bloodlines have been experimented with, the policy is not to introduce bloodlines into the stud until the 3rd generation, this allows stabilisation of breeding and being able to confirm breeding consistency. Many rams have not met this criterior and therefore have not been introduced to the core of the stud. We do have access to new genetics by running the stud effectively as 3 studs, this allows Hillcreston genetics to be used as if from an outside stud. 

The micron range for paddock grown wool from adult sheep is between 13.0 mic to 17.5 mic.

Hillcreston is family owned and run by Murray & Leanne, Grant & Jenna, Trevor & Janet Picker and their families. The stud is a family run business with all the family being active in the maintaining of the ethics and welfare of sheep husbandry.

Hillcreston stud sells rams to all superfine wool growing areas of Australia. These areas include Tasmania, Victoria, South Australia, Western Australia & New South Wales. Rams have also been sold to New Zealand in the last several seasons and they are having a big impact in improving client’s clips in this country.


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