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Hillcreston History

William Picker (below left) arrived in Australia in 1852 from England, aged 15, with his mother after the death of his father in Lincolnshire, England.

 He moved to the Bigga district in 1873 and with his ten sons and began to acquire land.

William and John had a dream to grow the best wool in the world .

The growing of superfine wool began immediately, the first recognition of excellence being achieved in 1902 with first prize at the Paris World Exhibition. 100 years later the family still produces the best wool in the world. Trevor’s father Sam Picker (William Picker’s grandson) established “Hillcreston” superfine stud in 1925, after acquiring sheep from his father John (below right). 

Trevor was involved all his life and officially took over from his father in 1963.


 William Picker settled in Bigga in 1873 (L)            


John Picker One of 10 brothers, Sam's father (R)   




Sam Picker (1960 stud Snowy Ram)   Established Hillcreston Merino stud




Sam and Trevor (L)

Brett, Grant and Murray (R) 








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