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Hillcreston Promoting superfine wool with                                      

MJ Bale - Australian                 

Vie Active - Australian             

United Arrows - Japan        

Dunhill - English                        

Barberis - Italy 

A.W.I Promotional shoots  


Hillcreston working with the wool industry to promote Australian wool.

Recently photo and video shoots have been held on Hillcreston; 

Vie Active an Australian company July 2013

Hi  Murray and Leanne
I hope you are both well!
I wanted to share with you our video that we created on location at your magnificent property. It's just gone live and can be viewed here :

With thanks,
Noa Ries // Co-founder // Vie Active  

 United Arrows from Japan September 2013

Here is the URL for the video.

It is fabulous.





 The well known Australian co. M.J Bale to promote Australian wool December 2013

Here here…thanks very much Murray and Leanne! Great to venture out and see your wonderful property.

Regarding advertising, images taken at your property are currently in Qantas and Virgin magazine, and will shortly be in GQ and Men’s Health. We also have a billboard at Sydney and Melbourne Airports.


I’ve attached a copy of the final lookbook for your reference. The links to the video are below.


All the best for the run into xmas and the festive season.  



 Dunhill promotion,

"Hillcreston" recently sold privately a bale of 14.5 micron 1PP type wool to Dunhill in England for promotion of superfine wool and their company.

We are very pleased to be involved in this promotion. Update on the success of this project will be posted as it evolves.


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